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The other main changes this year are the addition of Four new venues, these are: Nagpur, The Vidharba Cricket Association Stadium is a new Test cricket ground in the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Replacing the old Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground. Purpose built at the Jamtha area of Nagpur to top international standards and the opening game was an international match played between India and Australia in November. An all seater stadium with luxury suites and designed on the Australian Cricket ground system. This Stadium will be one of those used during the cricket world cup. Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Cricket Association-Vishakapatnam District Cricket Association), a fairly modern stadium which was built in and has a capacity it attained test status in this is another ground that will host games in the Cricket world cup. Ahmedabad Sardar Patel Stadium (Gujarat) commonly known as Motera with a capacity of and equiped with flood lights this is a well known stadium in India built in it has hosted test matches in the past.

There arebunkers, usually on the sides of the fairway or before a putting green, whichhampers the output being full of sand. Frontal water obstacles, indicated byyellow stakes, or lateral instead marked womens balenciagas sneakers with red stakes, are made by rivers, seas, lakes, streams and deep pools, but also empty, which is always difficultto play and is common to lose a ball. You can play from a water hazard, butwithout touching the ground before making the shot. If you would prefer to pullthe ball outside of the obstacle or if the ball is lost within the obstacle, you can drop the ball, according to some rules, under penalty of one stroke. An important moment is that of the putting green, agrass area more shaved, Imagen within which there is a hole with the flag.